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Διαστάσεις Κουτιού: 0.550×0.540×0.400 m.
Βάρος Κουτιού: 11.93 Kg
Ποσότητα Κουτιού: 25
Βάρος: 321
Υλικά: 420D

Κωδικός προϊόντος: 92628 Κατηγορία:

MOUNTI. Sports backpack with a water reservoir

420D sports backpack. Lined main compartment and zipped front pocket. Front panel with reflective elements. The back and straps of the backpack are padded to ensure greater comfort. Also on the back, it contains a strap with claps, to ensure that the backpack adjusts to the body, making it easier to carry in motion and suited for prolonged use. The backpack includes a straw and water tank with a capacity of up to 5 L. The backpack and the reservoir are supplied separately. 265 x 410 x 55 mm

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