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Διαστάσεις Κουτιού: 0.750×0.490×0.400 m.
Βάρος Κουτιού: 6.1 Kg
Ποσότητα Κουτιού: 5
Βάρος: 815
Υλικά: Fabric, Imitation leather

Κωδικός προϊόντος: 92189 Κατηγορίες: , ,

DIVERGENT elegance Backpack

Backpack with a mix of contemporary materials, with a young and irreverent touch that results from the contrast of denim with the elegance of black and irregular texture from imitation leather. Its high quality zipper, with rubber finishing, along with the top in imitation leather, gives the backpack some water resistance. The imitation leather bottom allows it to be easily cleaned. Interior compartment with elegant design and details in imitation leather, contains a padded pocket for computer up to 15’6” and two pockets with zippers. One of the pockets is made of elastic material, giving it a greater storage possibility. The adjustable side strips, aesthetics, can serve as support for placing elements, such as hanging a jacket or as support for a headset cord. Padded straps and handle with hand reinforcement for comfort, a rear anti-theft pocket and a hidden front pocket. Also includes a trolley strap. Capacity up to 15 L. Supplied in a non-woven bag. Backpack: 320 x 430 x 125 mm | Non-woven bag: 500 x 550 x 130 mm

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