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Strap: 2.5*160cm; 1.0mm thickness. PVC patch: 2.6×6.5cm.
Polyester pad: 5.8W*3.8H cm + hanging loop 0.9W*1.3H cm.

Καθαρό Βάρος:
Υλικό: Polyester, PVC
Χώρα Κατασκευής: CN
Πλάτος:  cm
Μήκος:  cm
Ύψος: 0 cm
Όγκος:  cdm3
Ποσότητα Χαρτοκιβωτίου:

Κωδικός προϊόντος: ML1075 Κατηγορίες: ,

CUSTOM Sublimated crossbody phone holder

Set the trend with these sublimated adjustable crossbody phone holder with your design PVC logo patch. How to use it? Simply remove the case and insert the patch between the phone and the case. Compatible with most smart phones and phone cases. This item complies with all relevant safety regulations.  

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