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Διαστάσεις Κουτιού: 0.264×0.161×0.363 m.
Βάρος Κουτιού: 2.49 Kg
Ποσότητα Κουτιού: 6
Βάρος: 415
Υλικά: Plastic, Stainless steel, Borosilicate glass

Κωδικός προϊόντος: 34812 Κατηγορία:

BODUM CHAMBORD Glass tea mug 300ml

Set of 2 cups made of high-quality borosilicate glass. The glass is heat resistant and does not alter or impair the natural flavour of the beverages. The classic design of the Chambord cups will complement any environment, and sit comfortably alongside your current kettle or coffee maker. It has a capacity of up to 300 mL. Supplied in a gift box. 100 x 130 x 75 mm

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